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After the summer hiatus from dance, registering for fall classes renews excitement! Use this time to make your fall dance resolutions.

1) Dance is a committment not only to yourself but also to your teacher and fellow classmates. Make every effort to be at each class so that you can maximize your potential and keep up with the technique, combinations and choreography presented in each class.

2) Ballet is the foundation for good technique in all dance forms. We recommend at least one ballet class per week to excel in all your dance training.

3) To achieve greater flexibility make stretching a daily routine. You will be surprised at how increased flexilbility improves the look of your jumps and extensions.

4) Come to class on time in the proper dance and footwear with your hair tied back off your face (in a bun for ballet class).

5) Make the decision now to work hard in all of your classes to achieve your personal best. Your teacher can guide you to higher levels but it is up to you to make it happen!

6) Dance requires a lot of positive energy. So come to class with lots of it!



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