Danielle has been dancing from a very young age, since 1993 at Studio One. She has taken classes in ballet, jazz, modern, tap and hip hop, and has been on staff at Studio One since 1999.
Danielle has also participated in dance conventions and choreographed dances for our modern shows. In her graduating year of high school she was one of the fashion show choreographers as well as on the fashion show committee.
Danielle lived in Brazil for 9 months and while she was there she studied Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art which also incorporates dance and break dancing) and a form of dance called Lambahia. She undertook testing in Capoeira and received her green cord.
Other interests of Danielle’s include African drumming, painting, sketching, traveling and the outdoors. Danielle graduated from the faculty of nursing in 2008 and brings her special brand of sunshine to the oncology ward at the Children's hospital. Despite her challenging profession she continues to be a vital part of the Studio One School and staff.
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Danielle Picard