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Karen is thrilled to re-join the staff at Studio One and this opportunity to spend more time in the studio’s positive and nurturing environment. In recent years Karen has not been able to call Studio One her second home as she once did; however, she has never severed her ties and maintains her connection and passion to dance as much as her schedule allows.


Driven by admiration for her older sister Katherine, Karen commenced her own dance training at three years of age. Starting off focusing on the basics through ballet, at the age of seven Karen began diversifying her repertoire with her first jazz class and it did not take long for her to add musical theatre, tap and eventually modern to her training schedule. Although she has always valued the technique and discipline associated with ballet, her passion resides more with contemporary styles, such as jazz, modern and tap.
The majority of Karen’s training took place at various studios, summer schools, workshops and conventions throughout Winnipeg, and when Studio One opened its doors in 1992 she felt fortunate to continue her training there until moving away for university. Karen continued her dance training out of province, but she never found a studio with the same supportive atmosphere as Studio One. At a young age Karen was recognized for her performances in Musical Theatre, with bronze and silver medals in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s school festival. She has received gold medal awards for her solo and duo work in the Manitoba Dance Festival and in 1993 she was awarded the provincial senior jazz scholarship.

Karen has enjoyed all her performance opportunities, taking her to various venues and events throughout the city including: Eaton’s back to school fashion shows, a Disney promotional tour, the Children’s telethon, and many school musicals. Although still an enthusiastic performer, Karen is starting to take more interest in developing her own choreography and movement pieces.

Karen graduated with her B.Sc. in Environmental Science and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Manitoba. Beyond her academic work Karen enjoys dedicating much of her time to various events and organizations focusing on increasing environmental and social justice. This past summer Karen spent two weeks in Vancouver participating in a ‘Theatre for Living” training workshop with Headlines Theatre Company. Although not certain where she will find herself upon graduation she is keen to utilize the arts as a venue to create dialogue and awareness around social justice issues.